TAABS Automatic wheel balancers are made to get rid of the need for tire balancing, and tire rotation. TAABS wheel balancers are made to fit most Transport trucks.

Our wheel balancers come with a 5 year warranty, and have been made with ship & military grade metals to give them strength and make them last longer.

Our Product Line

TAABS Wheel Balancer


How Can I Benefit From Using TAABS?

  • Tire mileage goes up by 50%
  • Tire savings will go up by 75% if you get retreads
  • Tire traction goes up by 63%
  • Get better control of your truck while turning
  • Steering parts, shock absorbers and undercarriage last longer
  • Smoother ride reduces cabin vibration
  • Can bring tires back into round and perfect balance
  • Will not rust or break down
  • Built from military grade aluminum tubing and dishes from ship grade aluminum plating
  • Trucker and environmentally friendly, contains no lead, mercury or PCB's
  • 5-Year Warranty - 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Here are some of the ways that TAABS® saves you money:

Tire Savings:

With TAABS® you will realize up to 50% greater tire mileage year after year. If right now you are getting 200,000 km (124,274 miles) per tire, TAABS® will increase this up to another 100,000 km (62 137 miles). Just think how long trailer tires will last with TAABS® on them too.


Without hitting any road hazards TAABS® will increase tire retreading ability up to 50%. Savings just keep adding up.

Under Carriage:

Steering parts, shock absorbers, springs and shackles and air ride suspension last longer. Frames will suffer less metal wear and/or cracking.


How can these benefits and more be realized from TAABS® balancers? Simply by the use of physics. TAABS® wheel balancers can not go out of balance and will get rid of about 29 ounces of imbalance per tire.

Because of the automatic balancing effect of TAABS® wheel balancers, tire side walls flex less. This causes less heat build up and increases the tire foot print traction to the road by 63% causing safer handling into and out of corners and allows better controlled braking in shorter distances without fishtailing of power unit or trailer(s). Rolling resistance is reduced which increases fuel mileage. At the same time cold tempering of the radial belts takes place making the radial belts equal load bearing with increased strength. Water pressure tests have proven that older tires often bear up to 20% greater load stress than the same brand and model when new.

"Truckers Who Care Keep TAABS® On Their Wheels"